Swaffham Prior Community Land Trust
The Swaffham Prior Community Land Trust (SPCLT) was set up by members of the village to deliver housing for people linked to Swaffham Prior and the surrounding villages who struggle to rent at normal market rents or who need to rent a different type of home. It delivered eight affordable homes comprising 2x two bed bungalows, 3x two bed semi-detached houses, one three bed semi-detached house and 2x three bed detached houses. The homes are located in what is locally known as Dencora Field along Rogers Road. The homes are managed on a daily basis by Hundred Houses Society but the SPCLT Board will be responsible for the selection of new tenants using the House Allocations Policy.
3 April 2016


SPCLT housing map
Rogers Road & Allix Grove & Foster Lane
Applicants will be prioritised using the following criteria (ranked in order of importance a-d):
  • a) Lived in the village for 6 out of the past 12 months; or
  • b) A minimum of 3 years residence in the village within the 15 years preceding the application; or
  • c) Where one or both parents or guardians or children of an applicant have resided in the village for a minimum period of 2 years prior to the application; or
  • d) Where the applicant has existing employment, or a verified offer of employment in the village for at least 15 hours per week

The SPCLT Board currently comprises of:

  • A representative from the Parish Council
  • A representative from Hundred Houses
  • A representative from the tenants of the houses
  • Four other members from the village
* Applications are closed for now *

To apply to go on the SPCLT Housing Register, please complete an application form and return it to the Parish Clerk.

SPCLT is a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Purposes and not having a Share Capital. Registered company no. 8824415. SPCLT is run as a not for profit basis and the Company’s objectives are specifically restricted to the relief of financial hardship by the provision of Social Housing, and housing (upon terms appropriate to beneficiaries’ means) together with associated amenities, facilities and infrastructure.

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