Swaffham Prior Womens Institute

The Swaffhams WI was formed in January 2010 by the merging of Swaffham Prior and Swaffham Bulbeck WIs. The WI is part of the Cambridge Federation of WIs which has its office in Girton. It is one of the 69 regional federations which together make up the National Federation; for more information see www.thewi.org. The Swaffhams WI have a full programme of meetings throughout the year, most of which are held in Swaffham Prior Village Hall on the third Monday of the Month at 7.30 pm. Other frequent events and outings are arranged by the federation for the benefit off all the WIs in the region.

The WI have produced a history of Swaffham Prior which can be downloaded for free or viewed online (48 Mb).

The current officers are:

President: Pat Cook

Secretary: Margaret Phillips

Treasurer: Shirley Wilkins

May 15   Sarah Harrison   You couldn't make it up
June 19       Garden party in Bulbeck
July 17   Nicky Newton   From Leeches to Lasers
August 21   Alison Giles   Burwell Museum
September 3       Outing
October 16   Horry Parsons   More stories from the Tower
November 20   Sylvie Short   Old gels behaving badly
December 11       Christmas Party
January 15   Hilary Grant   Return to Malaya
February 19   Keyth Rooney   Protect your Family Wealth
March 19       Annual General Meeting
April 16   Jane Kennedy   Hearing Loss and Sign Language

For more information, contact Pat Cook 01638 742224 or patcook6@btinternet.com.

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